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Road Map to 90 Years Old and Beyond
Road Map to 90 Years Old and Beyond
By Leo T. Fong
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Strategies For Winning In Kung FuStrategies For Winning In Kung Fu
By Leo Fong

     Published in 1979, “Strategies For Winning In Kung Fu” is now only a classic but full of valuable information on how to maintain the winning edge no matter what the style of your opponent. Leo Fong was ahead of his time in the 70’s when the traditional approach was considered the “ultimate”. Along came Bruce Lee who “knocked holes” into the ineffectiveness of the classical martial arts. Lee referred to form training as “Dry land swimming.” Gleaned from his experience as a karate tournament promoter and ex-collegiate boxing champion, Leo Fong came up with the volume on strategies for winning, regardless of the size, the type of opponents and the styles of martial arts. Thousands of people who purchased the book in the 70’s and 80’s found it valuable in helping them to look beyond the traditional “box”.  With the advent of Mixed Martial Arts today, “The Strategies For Winning In Kung Fu.” Will be a great conceptual foundation book to help in expanding one’s psychological and technical skills. Only $14.95 a copy. A special dealer’s discount is available for those who purchase 20 or more copies. For purchase or information send inquires to:

Beyond Kung FuBreaking an Opponent’s Power Through Relaxed Tension
By Leo T. Fong
$16.95 Code 505
147 Pgs. B/W Illustrations
ISBN: 978-0-89750-179-8

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Leo Fong's: Chi Fung Mind Body Fitness
Leo Fong's: Chi Fung Mind Body FitnessA DVD of Chi Fung is now available for $29.95 which includes priority mailing.
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