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Film Credits

1974 - Murder in the Orient
1975 - Bamboo Trap
1975 - Tiger's Revenge
1976 - Last Reunion {Ninja Nightmare}
1976 - Blind Rage
1978 - Last Reunion
1982 - Kill Point
1984 - Low Blow
1987 - No Witnesses
1988 - Paper Dragon
1990 - 24 Hours to Midnight
1991 - Show Down
1993 - Weapon of Choice
1994 - Cage 2: Arena of Death
1995 - Rumble in LA
1997 - Guardian Black Belts
1998 - The Komeback Kid
2004 - Transformed


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Sky Dragon Productions, International is a Public Own Company dedicated to inspire, instruct, motivate, teaches and inform. It is a movie production company. It is also a Student Film Workshop to teach young and old the art of filmmaking. It is open to all film buffs who wish to develop a solid resume to move into the professional ranks. Aspiring actors. Stunt people and technicians are welcome to be part of this program.

Road Map to 90 Years Old and Beyond
Road Map to 90 Years Old and Beyond
By Leo T. Fong
Per Copy: $20 + $5 for S&H = $25 Total
Send Check to:
Sky Dragon Books
6818 Nevada Ave.
Canoga Park, Ca. 91303


Sky Dragon Productions, International is embarking on an aggressive production slate for the upcoming Fall and Winter film projects.

Now in Pre-Production
CHI FUNG MASTER” a Spiritual Martial Arts Master, impart his wisdom on a young MMA fighter to make him a winner. Stunt fighters, villains and other actors are needed. Contact Leo Fong if you are interested.  (818) 884-7337

THE KUNG FU ZOMBIE” is the second episode of the series, former Karate Champion Chucky Currie will be the Kung Fu Zombie. Stunt People and Actors are needed. If you have a headshot 8X10 send it to: SKY DRAGON PRODUCTIONS, INT’L P.O. Box 7, Woodland Hills, CA 91365-0007.

THE MUTE EXECUTIONER’ is the third episode of the ‘EAST OF WEST’ series. It will star Linda Bustamante, as the Mute Executioner.  Actors, stunt people and technicians are needed for each project. This is a great opportunity to increase your profile as an actor or technician.

BLACK BELT ANGELS” is now in development for filming in January 2012. It will star three young martial arts ladies who have developed a sense of justice in the world in which they live. So they have dedicated their martial arts skills to combat crime and injustices. Each will exhibit great martial arts skills in kung fu, MMA and Savate.

In Development
PERFECT WIFE” a nerdy reject is seeking the perfect wife. When he failed to find the perfect 10, he created his own, Starring James Killabrew. Written and Directed by Leo Fong.

SON OF BLACKULA” a radio disc jockey by day and a predator by night seek out women to satisfy his inner craving for blood. Starring Dayvd. Written and Directed by Leo Fong.

Festival of Integrated Martial Arts
The Sky Dragon International
Festival of Integrated Martial Arts
August 10, 11, and 12, 2012
     Leo Fong and his senior student Adam James shared the aspects of Wei Kuen Do: the Psycho Dynamic Art of Free Fighting - Leo Fong's martial arts system founded in 1976. Integrating Boxing, Kung Fu, Filipino martial arts and Jeet Kuen Do, the martial art of Leo Fong's close friend and training partner Bruce Lee. Taking JKD Principles and martial arts to a new level. Chi Fung: Total Health Training System - Combines Tai Chi/Chi Gung Principles with Weight Training and Deep Breathing. And Modern Escrima: the Integrated Filipino martial arts System - Incorporating the teachings of Remy Presas (Modern Arnis), Angel Cabales (Serrada Escrima), and Leo Fong (Wei Kuen Do).

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